How To View Saved WiFi Passwords on Windows 10

How To View Saved WiFi Passwords on Windows 10

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Windows Operating System has the feature to view saved WiFi passwords. Windows 10 asks you to enter your WiFi password for the first time you connect, but later whenever you hit the connect button, it gets connected automatically. This is because Windows store previously connected WiFi passwords.

There are times when you want to know the password of one of the WiFi networks you connected previously. You might have forgotten it. Another scenario can be — you used your friend’s hotspot to connect to your laptop and then you have his WiFi password saved on your system which you want to know.

If you want to find the password of currently connected WiFi, you can do it using GUI(Graphical User Interface). And if you need to know all the previously connected WiFi passwords, you have to use Command Prompt method. I’ll show you both of them here. So, let’s see.

Method 1: Using Graphical User Interface(GUI)

Step 1: Open control panel and find Network and Internet.

Network & Internet

Step 2: Go to Network and Internet and look for Change adapter settings in WiFi section under Change your network settings.

Change adapter settings

Step 3: Now click on Change Adapter Settings. Here you’ll find all the wired and wireless networks. Find your desired WiFi connection.

Choose WiFi adapter

Step 4: Right click on the WiFi icon and select the Status option.

Adapter Status tab

It will bring WiFi Status windows as shown below. Now you have to click on Wireless Properties button.

Wireless properties

Step 5: Click on the Security tab. Here you’ll see a text field named Network Security Key below which is a Show characters checkbox. Go ahead and tick that checkbox.

Security tab

You have to type in the admin password to reveal the WiFi password.

View WiFi Password

Method 2: Using Command Prompt(cmd)

Step 1: Go to Start and type cmd and hit enter to open the command prompt.

Command Prompt

Step 2: In cmd, type the following command.
netsh wlan show profiles
and then hit enter.


Step 3: You’ll see all the wireless networks listed under User Profiles. In my case, I have three WiFi networks listed.

Step 4: Now, type the following command
netsh wlan show profile name=profile_name key=clear

Here, profile_name is the name of the WiFi network you want to discover. For example, I want to reveal the password of MTNL WiFi network. So I’ll type the command,
netsh wlan show profile name=MTNL_127784_1 key=clear

Note: If the name of WiFi network has space in-between then you have to enclose it within double quotes like this,
netsh wlan show profile name=”profile_name” key=clear

Step 5: When you type in the above command, hit enter. You will get detailed information about that network. For password, look for Key Content. To its right will be the WiFi password.

View WiFi password

Using these two methods, you can see saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10. Next time whenever you give someone to use your WiFi, you know that he has your WiFi password.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment below.



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